SX-SDCAC BlueZ 5.37 for
(Yocto Linux 4.1.15-2.0.1_ga)

This document is intended for developers or system integrators who are evaluating or developing Linux BlueZ based applications using the SX-SDCAC wireless module. It provides procedures for setting up a set of selected BlueZ profiles with the wireless module (QCA93767-3).

 The application notes covers the following , 

  • Introduction
  • Hardware and Software
  • BlueZ Overview
    • BlueZ Stack Supported Profiles
    • Driver Features
  • BlueZ Package and SX-SDCAC Bluetooth Connection
  • SX-SDCAC/SX-SDCAC Evaluation Platform
  • Launching BlueZ
    • Loading the WLAN Driver
    • Loading Bluetooth Kernel Modules
    • Initializing the Bluetooth Radio - hciattach
    • Systemd – Launching Bluetooth and Obex Daemons
  • Establish Bluetooth Connection
    • Initializing the Bluetooth Radio and Launching the BlueZ Daemon(s)
    • Connecting to the SX-SDCAC Bluetooth - Pairing and Connection
  • Bluetooth Profiles
    • OBEX Object Push Profile (OPP)
    • OBEX FTP
    • Personal Area Networking (PAN)
    • Serial Port Profile
    • HID
    • A2DP
    • GATT