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Honda Canada Uses Silex Technology Wi-Fi Connectivity to Improve Workflow

Posted by Keith Sugawara on July 8, 2013

Silex Technology USB Device Servers were originally designed to connect USB printers and scanners to a wired or wireless network.  We continue to learn about interesting new USB over Wireless applications for our technology.  We never imagined that our products would be used in an automotive brake lathe application!

Pro-Cut International is the world leader in on-car brake lathes.  The GYR Validated Brake Service directs the technician to make in-spec repairs and captures the finished metrics (rotor thickness and run-out) of every rotor machined. Finished results are automatically saved to the tablet and an on-line database and can be printed for customer and/or your records. The GYR system provides management with the means to set and successfully manage a single, profitable policy for brake repair.  This solution has been adopted by Honda and has been implemented in dealer service centers throughout Canada!

GYR Brake Lathe GYR Brake Lathe

The enabling technology to transmit the results to the tablet wirelessly is the Silex Technology SX-2000WG USB Device Server.  Silex Device Servers emulate a direct USB port connection but eliminates the USB cable by transferring information over the Wi-Fi network.

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