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10 Wi-Fi Predictions for 2012

Posted by Keith Sugawara on February 16, 2012

Wi-Fi technology has become so ubiquitous that even computer publications like PC Magazine published Wi-Fi predictions for 2012. These trends have some relevance to Silex and our customers that are looking to add Wi-Fi connectivity to their devices. My comments are in parentheses.
1. Single-band routers go obsolete (dual-band is moving from being a “niche” technology used for high reliability applications to becoming a mainstream technology required to stream video content).
2. Death of legacy 802.11x (specifically 802.11b and 802.11g).
3. 802.11ac (all of the major Wi-Fi silicon vendors have already announced 802.11ac products including Qualcomm Atheros).
4. Wi-Gig (maybe more of a 2013 technology).
5. Wi-Fi in household items (first the TV and next the refrigerator?).
6. Remote Home Network Management (why not since apps are being used for remotely control other devices in the home?).
7. More widespread Wi-Fi (public access will expand beyond airports and coffee shops).
8. Easier Deployment (WPS and other proprietary efforts will continue to improve ease of use).
9. Coverage trumps speed (2012 should see vendors paying much more attention to "whole home" coverage to reduce dropped signals and dead zones since throughput speed is already often faster than the pipe into the home).
10. Client adapters play catch-up (clients like laptops will start incorporating higher performance technology that are already common in routers).

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