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New Access Point SX-AP-4800AN2 with advanced security and PoE support

Posted by Govardhan Shanmuga Sundaram on 2017-09-20 18:00:00

Silex Technology  launches SX-AP-4800AN2 Access Point, a dual Band supporting IEEE802.11a/b/g/n  with  Enterprise Security, and PoE capabilities.  This product supports enterprise security with 802.1x authentication, makes it  an apt  product for business and factory environments.

Top features:

1. Advanced security

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New Serial Device Server Refresh - Dual-Band 802.11n + 802.1x

Posted by John Halloran on 2015-06-16 15:48:19

Today, we are excited to announce our new line of Serial Device Servers, the SD-300 and SD-310AN. They both offer robust and reliable networking of RS-232 Serial Devices.

Here are the highlights:

  • 10/100 Auto-sensing Ethernet
  • DB9 RS-232 Serial Port
  • Multiple Serial Port Modes for maximum flexibility and compatibility and connection to any network
  • SD-310AN also includes:
    • 802.11abgn Dual-Band Wireless
    • 802.1x security with all the popular EAP types
    • Multiple wireless modes
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SX-3000GB USB Device Server - the Preferred Choice for Data Logger Software

Posted by Babar Hashim on 2013-11-20 16:00:58

The SX-3000GB is a USB device server designed to share multiple USB devices over a wired network. The SX-3000GB is the preferred choice of USB Device Servers for its quality, performance and ease of use. For example, Microedge Instruments, who specialize in developing data loggers and are known for their high performance and accurate data loggers and data processing software, not only use the SX-3000GB for their application but also recommend it over other USB device servers in the market.

“There are several USB Device Servers available in the market. Silex SX-3000GB Gigabit USB Device Server is the one we have tested and recommend customers to use for its easy installation, configurations and support of 15 USB devices with one SX-3000GB.”

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Honda Canada Uses Silex Technology Wi-Fi Connectivity to Improve Workflow

Posted by Keith Sugawara on 2013-07-08 16:11:29

Silex Technology USB Device Servers were originally designed to connect USB printers and scanners to a wired or wireless network.  We continue to learn about interesting new USB over Wireless applications for our technology.  We never imagined that our products would be used in an automotive brake lathe application!

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Implementing Device Networking Solutions to Enable Wi-Fi Connectivity for CNC Machines

Posted by Keith Sugawara on 2013-06-27 22:57:25

Recently, Silex Technology visited a leading global medical device company that produces and markets instruments, implants and biomaterials for the surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of the human skeleton and its soft tissues.  One example is a skull implant that is individually machined (see below). But how does the CNC machine get its instructions on what to build?

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