Understanding Internet-of-Things Wi-Fi® Designs – Hosted & Hostless

The terms “Hosted” and “Hostless” are widely used but not well defined. They are based on the needs of customers’ application. These two different approaches are popular in the rapidly growing Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity space.

This white paper explains the differences between hosted and hostless Wi-Fi IoT connectivity designs.

The following is a Table of Contents of this White Paper

Executive Summary

Part 1: Introduction to Connectivity for IoT

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity for IoT

Part 2: Hosted and Hostless Mode Description

  • When and Why choose Hosted Mode & Hostless Mode

Part 3: Step by Step Process of Adding Wi-Fi

  • Steps Required to Choose a Suitable Wi-Fi Solution for Hosted Mode
  • Steps Required to Choose a Suitable Hostless Wi-Fi Module

Part 4: SX-ULPGN from Silex Technology

  • A Low Cost Hostless IoT Wi-Fi Module
  • UART AT Command Set for Hosted Mode
  • Evaluation Support