White Paper

Test, Fix, Enhance: Transforming Qualcomm Atheros Reference Drivers into Reliable Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

Because silicon provider’s reference drivers are typically designed for non-critical consumer applications, it is our job at Silex Technology to enhance these reference drivers into software for our customer’s When It Absolutely Must Connect applications. This white paper explores the ways we test, fix, and enhance Qualcomm Atheros reference drivers to create the most reliable enterprise Wi-Fi software available today.

Specifically, we look at some of the fixes and feature enhancements we’ve made to the Qualcomm Atheros AR6003 reference driver (Silex Technology SX-SDMAN module) to ensure our customers have the software stability necessary for their critical, always-on enterprise applications, including: 

  • Enterprise-level reliability and security
  • Validated interoperability through Wi-Fi Alliance testing
  • Cisco CCXv4 ASD support