SX-582 Developer's Reference and User Manual 

The SX-582 embedded intelligent module provides a complete solution for integrating wireless networking technology into virtually any OEM product that has an RS-232 or UART serial port. It has a main printed circuit board that contains a processor, memory, flash memory, three (3) serial ports (one dedicated for use as a console) plus a USB V2.0 host port and an SPI port.SX-582-6900.jpg

Download the reference manual to learn how to begin evaluation and development on the SX-582 mmodule. The reference manual includes:

  1. Installing the Evaluation Daughter Card
  2. Configuring the SX-582
  3. Using the SX-582 with Your Application
  4. Interfacing the SX-582 to the OEM Device
  5. Advanced Configuration
  6. Product Specifications
  7. Wireless Security Configuration
  8. Console Commands