Specification Differences between the      SX-SDMAN and SX-SDMAC?

This application note is designed to help those customers who are looking to migrate from the SX-SDMAN radio to our latest 802.11ac SX-SDMAC radio. It explains the differences in specification between the SX-SDMAN-2830 and the SX-SDMAC-283X that customers should consider for their designs.

  • Introduction
  • Specification Differences
    • Operating Temperature
    • Hardware Feature Differences
    • Current Consumption
    • Power On and Reset Time
    • Trasmit Power
    • Minimum Input Level Sensitivity
    • Software Features
    • Software Architecture
  • Mechanical Changes
    • Pin Assigments
    • Exposed PAD
      • Pattern and Through Hole under the Exposed PAD
  • Certifications
  • Reflow Profiles