Using QDART/QCBR for Regulatory Testing
(Linux 4.1.15-2.0.1_ga)

The purpose of this document is to provide a procedure for placing an SX-SDCAC (QCA9377-3) SDIO wireless module in different Continuous Tx test modes. The procedure will walk through the steps using an i.MX6SX (SoloX) SABRE SDB platform and NXP’s BSP L4.1.15_2.0.1-ga (Linux).


The application notes covers the following ,142-20135-170A1_Configuring QDART-QCRT for SX-SDxAC.png

  • Harware / Software requirements
  • Software Installation
  • Equipment connections
    • Bluetooth cable connections
  • WLAN and Bluetooth Test Modes
    • How to place SX-SDCAC in a continuous tx test mode.
    • QCMBR and QCRT for WLAN Testing
    • Launching BTDiag and QCRT for Bluetooth Testing
  • Sample console output from i.MX6 host board