Catching the Perfect Wave of 802.11ac

Time to Move to Reliable, Next-Generation, Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks

802.11ac has quickly become the current Wi-Fi standard as 802.11n gradually moves closer to being a legacy standard. It is therefore important to understand the key features and benefits of 802.11ac.

This paper explains the top reasons to move to 11ac and helps you understand how Silex is bringing an extremely reliable, next-generation, enterprise-grade SDIO Wi-Fi module "SX-SDMAC" based on industry-leading Wave2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac technology.

The following is a Table of Contents of this Paper


5GHz-Only Operation

Wider Channel Bandwidth – 80MHz & 160MHz

Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO)

256-QAM Higher-Order Modulation

Single-Method Closed-Loop Transmit Beamforming & LDPC

Space-Time Block Coding

Backwards Compatibility with Legacy Wi-Fi Standards

Expanded MIMO Streams

Choose the Right Module to Quickly Migrate to 802.11ac